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Men, Get With This Trend If You’re Going To Wear A Suit Why didn't Virat Kohli wear this?!


A suit is the obvious upgrade to any self-respecting man who has been around the block with all his casual wear. That said, a suit sporting this trend is even better. We’re talking about a checked suit. A checked suit although still a rarity, is a sight to behold if done right. You could opt for top-to-bottom checks or even just the suit. Inspect your options here.


The best tip for beginners? Stick to monochrome. From top to bottom, blazer to trousers, shirt to your tie, swim in an endless ocean of similar-shade-chrome! That’s not to say you match your entire outfit to a single hue, shad, tone. Think of it as more like sticking to a single colour family.

Colour Imbalance

If you think a monochrome is too overwhelming for you and prefer getting your suit and trousers in different colours, make sure there’s not a vast colour difference between the two. Also, the shirt, tie and/or pocket square always complements the blazer.

How To Correct Colour Imbalance

In case you decide to go for different colours for your blazer and pants, you can choose your pants in the same shade as the check on your blazer. And if it makes for a greater contrast than you are comfortable with, go with the lighter option. However, keep in mind, rule 2.

Pocket Squares

A pocket square is primarily a fun accessory! You can choose for it to complement your tie and/or contrast it with everything! With so many picks, you sure are spoilt for choice. Whether you decide to go for solid, paisley prints, checked or even a lace trimmed one, make sure you fold it the right way.


Stick to the basics! A plain shirt, in the same colour family as your blazer will provide the best backdrop to the fashion art that is a checked suit. Try not to clash bold stripes with checks as that would just prove to be a distraction. Instead opt for tiny, fun motifs such as anchors or sea-horses in light, fresh colours.


Rule No. 5 applies. Do not experiment and do not engage in mad prints. A plain tie is good. If you want some texture a woven silk one is the best! Or a woolen one will do nicely. And if you are hell bent on including some prints, do good with polka dots, basket weaves, and such other basics.

Colour Tones

The colour wheel they taught us in art class in school sure has come handy finally! Stick to warm colour tones all over such as rust, brown, mustard, yellow, tan, beige, camel, red, orange. Or cool colours such as blue, green, turquoise, lilac, mauve, mint green, grey, ice blue and such! And if you are still unsure, opt for basics such as grey, black and white.

Subtle & Thin Checks

If you are a beginner in the fashion field, we suggest you stick to thin and subtle checks, instead of thick and broader ones. The former will make you look sleeker, thinner, more poised. The latter could make one look sloppy and ill tailored if not done correctly. 

Shirt-Tie Combination

If you are confused about the colour of your shirt or the tie, this is a good rule to follow. If your tie is two toned, make sure the colour of your shirt matches the contrasting shade of your tie. This will not only give you more choices where a shirt colour is concerned, but will also make the colours of your tie stand out.

Medium Sized Checks

We know what we said earlier about choosing slimmer checks over thicker ones, but if you decide to go for a medium sized check suit style, make sure you pair it with a skinny tie. This will make you look slimmer, lighter, and of course fashion conscious.

The Fun Rule!

If you think a checked suit is what stuffy old men are made of, then you have another thing coming! Fact is, it is absolutely acceptable to release yourself from the confines of a tie, release the top button of your shirt and get jiggy at a party!

Multi-Sized Checks

If you surpass these levels and rules and think you are prepared to take on the checked suit challenge, then choose a suit made of checks of various sizes! Or, you could also pair a checked suit, with a shirt of the same pattern, in varying sizes of checks. This is the real test. May the force be with you.


Wondering what shoes you can pair with a checked suit? Monk shoes, Oxfords, Brogues, Derby Shoes, Lace ups, Wing Tips is the answer. Which roughly translates to almost all formal shoes. Although, you might want to make sure the colour matches, there is subtle to no texture and the shoes aren’t extraordinarily patent!

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