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Cheat Your Boss: 5 Reasons To Wear Joggers To Work! Let’s applaud their comfort level.

There are happy colleagues and joyous lunch hours that make up the workplace atmosphere. And then there’s your boss who continually has his cringe-o-meter on. The consequences of breaking a rule equals your high school teacher’s wrath. Even fashion has its own set of rules in a workplace. If you’re planning on avenging the misery your boss puts you through, then wearing joggers to the workplace will truly set him on edge. Get ready to stir some drama as you give your style the best shot.

The ‘Confidence Boosters’

You’ve spent Saturday night partying with your pals and Sunday morning relaxing at home. Monday hits and you’re left with 15 minutes by the clock to reach work. What do you do? Cut down on time spent in wearing a tie or fastening shoelaces. Grab jogger pants, preferably in a neutral colour such as charcoal or navy blue. Easy-to-wear, a hangover treat and a confidence booster. Haha.

Style Tip: Wear black joggers with a striped t-shirt and a messenger bag.


Them Sporty Vibes

If a scoreboard detailed the versatility of jogger pants, the winner would be the comfort it affords and the sporty look it exudes. A crisp white shirt and brogues – classics as they are – might bore you after a point. Drag yourself out of this rut, and you’d choose those smart joggers in a second. Your boss may get annoyed for adhering to a professional dress code while still pushing the envelope, but he’d definitely wish to adopt your look.

Style Tip: Top off your look with a denim jacket and a pair of zipper sneakers.


Look Current

It’s infuriating when folks wear hyper colourful trends at a workplace, and there’s no gender bias here ‘cuz at times men fail at it too. In such cases, jogger pants will come straight to your rescue. Then, it won’t matter if your boss dumps you with 10 years’ worth of work. You can count on these jogger pants to make you look on-point, stylish and supremely comfortable in your space.

Style Tip: Keep it classy with a blazer and a basic tee beneath.


Lounge Secretly

If your job is sedentary, the possibility of drifting off at work is quite high. So, if you have to be a couch potato at work, you might as well be a comfortable one. Jogger pants promise just that. All thanks to the comfort and support offered by these saviours, you can just stretch out and loosen up. Raised eyebrows from your boss may just be on your way!

Style Tip: Avoid looking sloppy and pair your joggers with a polo neck t-shirt and pointed-toe shoes.


Show Off Your Sneakers

No longer suitable only for couches or for errands, joggers are reigning in the footwear area as well. Yes, those white – bright sneakers of yours may just push your colleagues towards developing some style enthusiasm of their own. The water cooler gossip at your workplace is about to go a step ahead. Believe us, sneakers have the potential for this and more!

Style Tip: Let white sneakers speak for your outfit here along with a hoodie and a backpack to go.


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