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6 Times You Wish You’d Worn A Cheap White Outfit On Holi From instant remorse to instant gratification!

As adults, we’ve developed a deeper love for Holi, owing to the holiday it allows. Why then would you wear an outfit that’s not keeping with the theme? Skip white and you will feel like an instant outcaste, wear expensive clothes and you will suffer in regret, and wear raggedy clothes only to risk and ruin the group picture.

So ditch the pricier, nicer, non-white outfits this year. Opt for cheap, white ones that will look stylish yet thematic!

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Oiling Up

Oiling up before playing holi is important, as our mothers have unfailingly told us a.k.a forcefully slathered us with. How many times have we put on one of our nicer outfits for Holi, and been the subject of an oil spill, courtesy mom? Since, those stubborn oil stains just won’t come out, this yearly incident calls for instant regret.

Does this mean you should quit oiling (yes, that was your mother’s gasp)? No, It just means you should be sensible enough to wear cheaper white clothes for Holi!


Mass Destruction

My favourite part of the festival besides bhang, is the colour play extravaganza! Honestly, it’s just the excuse you need to unleash that wild animal your mother always said you were. Be prepared to kiss your cute outfit goodbye though! Because it’s only later that you will realise you should’ve listened to your mother about wearing an old, cheap outfit.

Let this be the year where you rectify this painful recurrence. Whip out that cheap, white tee and go unapologetically wild this Holi.


When The Bhang Kicks In

Bhang is indubitably the best part about Holi. Add liquor to the mix and what we have is a menacing cocktail, quite literally. Since we have brazenly embraced both, and Holi warrants unrestrained drinking, how many times have you woken up reeking, with no recollection of the past few hours? Rhetorical questions aside, don’t repeat dumping those formerly cute, now stenchful soiled clothes.

Are we telling you to quit bhang? LOL, no. What you can do though, is switch to cheap, white clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of anyway!


Babysitting Your Pals

Sometimes, even the non-drinkers amongst us end up smelling like a sewer by the end of Holi celebrations. These folks, who are universally approved by mothers everywhere, have a bigger responsibility than the rest of us. Tasked with taking care of falling, drunk friends everywhere, the sober ones sometimes have to take a hit.

Since deep down inside, you love all the crazy stuff your drunk friends do and say, wear nice cheap, white clothes this Holi to better enjoy all of their shenanigans!


When People Throw Eggs/Balloons At You

Yes, Holi is a festival of colours, not eggs, I know. Not all of us were surrounded by madmen who threw eggs on Holi, but for those of us who were, your celebrations just reached peak disaster. The combination of colours and eggs is horrific to say the least. How much vigorous scrubbing and rubbing does it take for the foul stench to come off our most cherished clothes?

Anyway, why subject yourself to that unnecessary exercise when there is a simpler alternative right under your nose?

Yes, cheap white outfits FTW!


Because White Means Starting Afresh

There was a year when I wore my old and raggedy red coloured top for Holi, and by the end of the day it looked like I had barely played. I wanted to brandish my Holi coloured clothes around, but I realised my clothes didn’t look like that at all. There was no ‘Holi-like’ feel to it. If you know what I’m talking about, you share my disappointment.

Since, I am not letting that happen again, I already have my cheap, white coloured outfit picked out for the celebration. What about you?


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