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6 Reasons Why Animal Prints Should Be Your New BFF Attention all the animal print lovers…

Some trends get us shaking in our Chelsea boots at the mere mention of their name; animal prints are definitely one of them. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine someone wearing it. Does their roaring personality seem striking already? The prominently mystic nature can be chalked up to the inclusion of bright, earthy and grey tones. A fashion aficionado oft finds this appealing enough to adopt the trend for a double dekko.

If you’ve factored in animal prints as this wild and bold option for coming season, you’re about to make others question their personal style statement. Here’s what the trend’s got to say!

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The Boldest Personality

It doesn’t matter if you’re incentivised to wear a single fauna piece or eccentric, head-to-toe animal prints. With this power pair, you’re already sending out them ‘badass’ vibes. This is a fashion trend that says ‘Look at me decked up in feline superpower.’ If you’ve been trying to unleash a fierce, heroic aura, consider your job done!

Style Note: Palazzo pants with a basic top and a pair of tassel earrings is a combination you need to try.


Fiery Leader In The Spotlight

What if instead of a plain white shirt, you wore a leopard number to work? Can you imagine the turned heads and roving eyeballs? The muted whispers of your colleagues, unexpectedly nicer to you? This iconic trend lets you be the fiery leader you’d dreamt of being as a little girl. Afterall, who doesn’t like attention sparked from something as minimal as a trend? I sure do.

Style Note: Add an extra dose of style by pairing a jumpsuit with cat eye sunglasses and purple heels.


Rule Wherever You Go

Sure, a blazer lends you a certain air of authority, but replace it with a bomber jacket and it isn’t the same anymore. The same goes for animal prints. When I say rule, I don’t expect you to animorph into a wild cat. Instead, choose the wildest of options from your closet, fine tune it with a corporate edge and jet set to rule the arenas you were meant to dominate.

Style Note: Show off your tote by teaming it with a bishop sleeve dress and mules to go.


Leave Your Mark, Everywhere

There are runway trends, street styles and so many other items that keep blipping the radar now and then. All things cut short, animal prints celebrate your dauntless personality while pushing your fashion envelope. Since not every trend boasts of the same, notice everyone wagging their tails to copy your personal taste this time.

Style Note: Style your espadrilles in a fresh way with a ruffle top and drawstring pants.


Stands Out From The Rest

The brouhaha begins the moment you dip your toes in animal prints. Florals, polkas, and other prints have become so vapid that I imagine you must be as sick of watching them as the world must be of wearing them. If you’ve made friends with these fauna lovin’ pieces, you’re already halfway through the jungle safari. The trend holds more than enough sass to up your sartorial prowess veritably.

Style Note: Take your weekend wear to next level by wearing a snakeskin print top with bandage leggings and a circle bag.


Never Shy Away From Experimenting

Being experimental is what you’re good at, and that’s without a doubt your middle name. The fashion choices you make may not be preferred by others, but they’re so eye-catching that they can instantly turn gazes envious. Well, let the world keep countering the print overload as you stride down the streets in this ferocious trend.  

Style Note: Pair a maxi dress with a wrap watch and casual shoes for your evening soiree.


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