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The Bro Code Solid White Knitted Tie is unique texture and look to an important part of every man’s formal wear gallery.

Knitted ties are the rebellious younger brother of the tie world. Maverick, unorthodox, spirited. A knitted silk tie is a thing of simple beauty. And tied in a simple four-in-hand knot – that’s the usual, basic, learn-it-at-school knot – with a traditional square tip, will transform your ordinary, everyday work suit into an extraordinary thing.

They travel well on business trips because they don’t crease, can be incredibly elegant in The Bro Code Solid White Knitted Tie event as well as having a trans-formative effect on a dress down jeans and blazer combination.

Its Handmade, adjustable neck size, and wash in cold water.

About Brand

Bro Code as the name suggests is a brand dedicated to making men's closets legendary. They specialise in formal accessories, just as Barney Stinson would have wanted. Having been featured in thebest fashion media kits, Bro Code includes bow ties, pocket squares, tie bars, lapel pins, suspenders, cufflinks, scarves, bracelets and so much more in their repertoire. Quirky and young, it will have you infusing an element of fun in your attire.

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