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When the summer is almost over and the sweet days of winter is approaching what does your soul crave? Endless days of hot chocolate? Yes and also BOOTS! And not just any boots, Knee Length Boots! Aren't we glad for winters, for we have the most beautiful creations in the shoe sphere to wear walk and flaunt. These cute babies will make you look like a rock star! The stilettos give you the exact posture you and the exact amount of oomph you need. These quirky neon colours are nothing but the best combinations to pair with your clothes. Winter is the season of trench coats and guess what - these high heeled ‘knee high’ boots will make a killer combo with trench coats. So get ready to slay, just select pay and Yay!
Fabric Material: Synthetic
Color: Red
Occasion: Casual
Wash Care: Surface dirt can be cleaned with a good quality brush or a damp cloth.

About Brand

Truffle Collection is a women's footwear brand that has now extended its reach to India, after having reigned over the UK market! Running parallel with the trendiest styles and high street fashion, Truffle Collection has amassed unmatched fame in fashion hotspots like Milan, New York and London. Within one year of its launch in India, Truffle is conquering the footwear world, giving several other brands a run for their money!

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