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Let us spread some leopard print love! (or) Big fat buckle boots! Who wouldn't love them after all? these babies are revival of the 90's and bring back those pink pants and buckle boots memories, except that the world has advanced to a great level where you can let go of the hideous pink pants and hold on to the lovely fat buckles. These pretty small embellishments just make this boot even more desirable. Interesting fact: If you see this boot and don't buy it, it haunts you in your dreams! JK it doesn't but seriously buy it!!
Fabric Material: Synthetic
Color: Black
Occasion: Casual
Wash Care: Surface dirt can be cleaned with a good quality brush or a damp cloth.

About Brand

Truffle Collection is a women's footwear brand that has now extended its reach to India, after having reigned over the UK market! Running parallel with the trendiest styles and high street fashion, Truffle Collection has amassed unmatched fame in fashion hotspots like Milan, New York and London. Within one year of its launch in India, Truffle is conquering the footwear world, giving several other brands a run for their money!

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