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Sutva Think of Sutva as an all-encompassing wedding store with a generous range of lehengas, sarees and gowns. Sutva not only caters to a bride's every whim and fancy, but also does so for bridesmaids and wedding guests. Sourced directly from the manufacturers, Sutva ensures a magnificent variety of styles, designs and silhouettes. This way Sutva guarantees original products, competitive pricing and an approach where quality and authenticity is valued above all.
Brandless Brandless, a rebel since its inception, is obsessed with leather bags, stationery, travel gear and other accessories. Colourful leather that breaks the monotony, infused with an old world charm that is adaptable to the street and elegant yet raw. Fond of breaking rules, Brandless is a bundle of contradictions done right.
Sitara Jewels
Sitara Jewels A woman can never have enough trinkets, baubles and ornaments! Especially Indian traditional ones. Sitara Jewels is a brand that will cater to your need for the most festive traditional jewellery. With an abundance of colours and a generous spattering of pearls and stones, their designs will make you want to start a celebration or attend a wedding quite urgently. Courtesy their exquisite craftsmanship, jewellery from Sitara Jewels has beautiful finesse and a luxe feel to it.