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March 19 , 2018

Does an all white outfit make you think of a bribe hungry, pot-bellied politician? Or can you still hear your mom screaming at you for garnishing it with chocolate stains? Either way, you seem to have forgone all-white attires after the final blow. What if we found a way to reinstate the martyred? Courtesy the […]

March 13 , 2018

Some trends get us shaking in our Chelsea boots at the mere mention of their name; animal prints are definitely one of them. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine someone wearing it. Does their roaring personality seem striking already? The prominently mystic nature can be chalked up to the inclusion of bright, […]

March 07 , 2018

There are happy colleagues and joyous lunch hours that make up the workplace atmosphere. And then there’s your boss who continually has his cringe-o-meter on. The consequences of breaking a rule equals your high school teacher’s wrath. Even fashion has its own set of rules in a workplace. If you’re planning on avenging the misery […]

March 06 , 2018

Dear men, can the benefits of workout be overstated? I think not. Men who workout are favoured by women and envied by men. While we all want a piece of those rippling, yummy muscles, it’s difficult to squeeze in workout time, owing to overflowing schedules. Speaking of overflowing schedules, if you’re finding it difficult to […]